The Charterhouse Medieval church

The old medieval church dates from the 13th century, and is perpendicular to the current parish church. The choir had a rib vault typical of the Gothic era. The church was rearranged in the 18th century following a fire: the choir became the chapter room and the nave became the sacristy of the parish church.

It originally contained three tombs: the graves of the founder, Béatrix de la Tour du Pin, as well as Béatrix de Roussillon, a family member, and the tomb of Thibaud de Vassalieu, a benefactor of the charterhouse.

eglise medievale

Funerary paintings in Thibaud de Vassalieu’s honor

The series of funerary paintings in Thibaud de Vassalieu’s honour is the jewel in the site’s crown.

Dating from the first half of the 14th century and hidden by plaster until 1896, they are one of the most recently uncovered examples of medieval painting in the Loire.