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The categories below are listed at the top of each page:

• Accessibility

• contact

• My travel journal

The main navigation menu









The menu can be accessed via all web pages. To access the category contents, simply click on the name of one of the categories or sub-categories displayed on the page.

The secondary navigation menu on the homepage

• all

• top attractions

• latest news

• notebook

• Multimédia

• follow us

The menu enables you to sort the information displayed on the homepage.

The logo Chartreuse de Sainte Croix en Jarez and the logo of a house

feature as clickable icons on all pages and enable visitors to return to the homepage at any time.

Breadcrumb trail

The breadcrumb trail: for example: “Individual > visits” features on each page. It enables you to know exactly where you are and return to previous steps in the navigation process quickly. The font size is large to help you get your bearings on the website.

Bottom of the page

All categories and sub-categories at the bottom of each page.


Images feature a text alternative.

Downloadable documents

Most downloadable documents are displayed in an accessible format (TXT) as a minimum with technical support (e.g. speech synthesis and refreshable Braille display).

You can find a few downloadable documents in PDF format with no alternative accessible version.

Contact us!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you notice any errors or have suggestions for improvements.

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